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The young woman stood stood in front of the wide golden-trimmed oval mirror. Her tan skin shone under the bright lights of her dressing room. She applied mascara, a touch of blue eyeshadow, and a swipe of glistening pink lip gloss. Her long dark brown hair fell in perfect waves past her shoulders. It was time for her to put on her costume. She had been belly dancing for nearly five years, and she was known to most as Jameela. However, that was not her real name; Jameela was a stage name, meaning beautiful, graceful, and lovely, all words that the young woman felt described a good belly dancer. Jameela had a variety of different belly dancing costumes, but for the party she was performing at that night she wanted to wear her most colorful. The skirt was long and flowing; the upper portion of her skirt, which rested on her hips, was orange fabric that was thoroughly covered in a rainbow of large, brightly-colored, different-shaped jewels. The orange fabric resting on Jameela’s hips and thighs quickly changed to yellow, and from her mid-thigh down the airy skirt was a beautiful, light, see-through yellow. After situating the skirt on her hips, Jameela put on her bra. The bra was completely covered in the same large, shiny jewels that adorned the upper portion of her skirt, and it showed off Jameela’s soft belly. Jameela then placed the orange bracelets on her wrists, checked to see that her purple-painted nails were not chipped, and slipped on her metallic gold slippers. Finally, she stuck a round, glossy red jewel inside her deep innie navel. Jameela looked in the mirror and smiled. She had been hired to perform at a bachelor party in upper Manhattan, and she had just enough time to catch a cab. She set a long blue shawl over her shoulders, as not letting anyone see her costume until the performance was part of the mystery, and set off.


The bachelor party Jameela had been hired to perform at was being hosted at a fancy hotel, in a room that was fairly small, but also very nice. It had a high ceiling, a dark marble floor, and ivory-colored walls. There appeared to be five round tables, set with white tablecloths, plates and silverware, food, and wine. Though Jameela had been taken immediately to wait in a side room until it was time for her to perform, from what she could tell the party was well-attended, with what looked to be around twenty - or maybe even thirty - men in attendance. The men were all wearing nice clothing; some were standing and talking with each other, while many others were sitting at the tables, sipping wine from crystal-cut glasses.

A tall, lean man with black hair and shocking blue eyes popped his head into the room and grinned at Jameela. “Hi!” he said. “I’m Evan, the best man. I’m so glad you were able to make it. Is there anything you need before you start your performance?”

“Do you have the CD player?” Jameela asked, holding in her hand the CD containing some of her best belly dancing music.

“Yes!” Evan answered cheerfully. “Right over here.” He led her over to a CD player leaning against the wall, and waited as she stuck the CD in. “Perfect! Is that all? You’re on whenever you’re ready.”


Jameela took a deep breath and adjusted her costume, pressing down on the red jewel in her navel in an effort to ensure it would not fall out. When she stepped out into the room, nearly every head turned her way. She smiled as Evan turned on the sensual music. Then, with her chin slightly raised, her back held straight, and her arms lifted in the air, Jameela began to dance. She sashayed slowly across the room, swinging her hips. Jameela danced her way over to the first table, where four men were sitting with their eyes on her belly. Standing directly in front of a man in a dark blue suit, she did a belly flutter.

Taking her time, Jameela danced her way around the table, stopping in front of each of the men and doing a few hip drops and belly rolls before moving onto the next man. After spending a few minutes at the first table Jameela danced over to the next round table, swaying her shoulders and shimmying. The table had a few more men sitting at it, all of whom were gazing at her undulating belly. Smiling, Jameela sashayed up to an older gentleman and rolled her belly, twisting in a slow circle as she did so.

Gracefully, Jameela slid down until she was kneeling on the floor. She fluttered her belly before doing a backbend; she went back further and further until her back was lying nearly flush against the cool marble floor. Breathing deeply, Jameela did a belly roll, and then another. She did five belly rolls before slowly lifting her torso up from the floor and returning to a kneeling position. Jameela swayed her hips and fluttered her belly before standing up in one fluid movement. She danced over to one of the tables she had not yet been to, moving closer and closer to a young man who was wearing a white button-up and a black tie, and who was watching the dance with engaged interest.

Once she was standing before the young man she did a small forward-and-back shimmy before fluttering her belly. Jameela smiled at the young man, whose eyes were fixated on her navel, before dancing away to another table.

Jameela stopped once again, in front of a man wearing a gray suit. She rolled her belly and the man’s eyes followed the movement. He stretched out his hand as if to touch Jameela’s belly, before pulling back.

“You can touch it if you want,” Jameela whispered playfully, rolling her belly and smiling slightly at the man. While Jameela had a ticklish belly, she was never particularly bothered by customers desiring to touch her belly. More often than not, they gave her belly a quick stroke or poke and left it at that.

The man in the gray suit hesitated for a moment, watching as the muscles in Jameela’s belly undulated, before reaching a hand out and running his fingers down the left side of Jameela’s belly. She stifled a giggle and danced a bit closer to the man, stopping with her belly only a few inches away from his face. She had expected the man to cease tickling her, but instead he stroked her belly again, wriggling his fingers a little as he did so. Jameela giggled softly. She attempted to do a belly roll with a flutter, but due to the man’s fingers still stroking her belly she barely succeeded.

“Tell me, what is your name?” the man asked.

“Jahahahameehehehehelahahaha,” Jameela giggled, her body shaking a little the man’s fingers spidered across her belly.

The man took his hand away and said politely, “Pardon? I didn’t catch that.”

“Jameela,” she reiterated, smiling. She continued dancing, watching the man as he seemed to gather his thoughts.

“You are very ticklish, Jameela,” the man in the gray suit observed, speaking softly enough that none of the surrounding men were able to overhear his words. “Do you mind if I tickle you a bit more?”

For a minute Jameela looked around the room, wanting to see if any of the other men looked like they wanted her to come over. It turned out that only a few of the men were still paying attention to her. She had already gotten the chance to go around to a lot of the tables, and judging by the nearly-naked woman dancing with some of the man across the room, Evan had apparently brought out a stripper. Jameela rolled her eyes, unsurprised that many of the men would find a stripper more entertaining than a belly dancer. She turned her gaze back to the man in the gray suit, who was waiting for her reply.

“Of course not,” Jameela replied, smiling. “Be my guest.” She swayed her shoulders and sashayed her hips as the man placed his hand back on her belly. He gently stroked the rippling muscle above Jameela’s navel and she giggled, her belly shaking a little as she danced. The man stroked her belly again, his fingers staring right below her rib cage and trailing down to her lower belly. Jameela laughed, and for a moment she faltered in her belly rolls before resuming the dance.

“Such a lovely navel,” the man murmured softly. His index finger stroked the upper rim of Jameela’s navel and her back, which she had held straight until then, arched as the touch caused her navel to tinge with sensation.

The man’s tickling grew more rapid, his fingers moving quickly over her belly. Jameela tried to keep dancing, but she was giggling so hard that her legs were quivering and arms were trembling above her head. Her belly was shaking with laughter as the man in the gray suit wiggled his fingers over her taut belly. Jameela could tell that her small red navel jewel was no longer pressed up against the base of her navel; the movement of her quivering belly seemed to be jiggling the navel jewel loose. Before she could push the jewel back in the man in the gray suit began tracing circles around the rim of Jameela’s navel, distracting her and causing her to laugh even harder.

“My, my,” the man teased. “Such a ticklish belly. Why don’t you lean back a bit so I can get a better look at that belly button of yours?” The man put his hand on Jameela’s ribs and pressed down, pushing her into a partial backbend. Then he wiggled his fingers over her flat belly. “Does that tickle a lot?” he asked.

“Yehehehehes!” Jameela gasped through her laughter. “Ihihihihihihit tihihihihihih... it tihihihihihihihi...” Jameela was giggling so hard she could barely speak. “Ihihit tihihihihicklehehehehehehes sooohohohohohohoho...” she gave up attempting to reply and simply laughed as the man tickled her flexed belly.

Although Jameela had been trying hard to keep dancing even while the man tickled her belly, she surrendered in a fit of uncontrollable laughter when the man leaned forward and swiped his tongue across the rim of her navel. Gasping with helpless giggles, Jameela pulled out of the backbend and doubled over slightly, one hand trying to stifle the loud laughter pouring from her lips and the other pressed against her heaving belly. Suddenly, with a soft ‘pop!’ Jameela’s red jewel fell out of her navel and landed on the floor.

Blushing and still giggling softly, Jameela rubbed her belly and bent to pick the jewel up off the ground. Jewels had fallen out of her navel before, but only ever because she had been dancing so much or for so long that the jewel gradually grew looser and looser until it was no longer wedged deep into her innie navel. Jameela had never had a jewel pop out of her navel from laughing too hard. Before she could grab the jewel off of the floor the man in the gray suit scooped it up.

“Let me,” he said, smiling.

Jameela smiled back and stood, shimmying closer to the man until his face was a few inches away from her belly. She planted her hands on her hips and arched her back slightly as she waited for the man to stick the red jewel back in her navel. To her surprise he instead stuck his finger in her navel and swirled it around. Jameela threw her head back and laughed, her eyes bright and her already-sore belly shaking with mirth.

The man in the gray suit poked Jameela’s navel for a few moments. The he picked up the jewel and inserted it in Jameela’s navel; slowly, he pushed it down further and further into her deep innie navel, until the round jewel was pressed flush against the small knot at the bottom of her navel.

“How’s that?” the man asked, smiling and looking at Jameela expectantly.

She blushed slightly and nodded, adding a “Thank you,” before dancing away.


As soon as she returned to the back room Jameela slumped against the wall and looked down. The muscles of her belly were quivering from exhaustion and she began massaging her belly in small circles. Jameela had never been so tired after a performance; the tickling took a lot out of her. She sighed and continued rubbing her belly comfortingly.


After settling her long blue shawl on her shoulder, Jameela packed up her things and got ready to leave. She had almost gotten to the door when a hand landed on her elbow. Jameela turned around to see the man in the gray suit. “Thank you for letting me tickle you,” he said with a smile. “You are a superb belly dancer, and you have a beautiful belly.”

“Thank you,” Jameela said, a faint blush covering her cheeks. “It was my pleasure, although I must say that I have never been tickled so much during a performance.”

“Well, perhaps your belly should be tickled more often,” the man laughed. “It was nice to meet you, Jameela.” He gently caressed Jameela’s belly, causing her to giggle, before returning to the party. Jameela felt a grin stretching across her face as she headed for the door.
For :iconemperornortonii:. I am aware that this is not a completely accurate portrayal of belly dancing, but... it’s my story. :D I think that belly dancing is the coolest, wish I could do it! I saw some YouTube videos while I was writing this, and I thought this one was particularly good;…. Hope you enjoyed the story, please leave any comments and/or constructive criticism below.

(***this is a work of fiction***)
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