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December 18, 2013


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Tylor was just finishing getting ready for the day when he saw a car pulling into his driveway. Buttoning his jeans and tugging a t-shirt over his head, he went downstairs. Tylor pulled open the door to his house to see his girlfriend Sammy standing on the doorstep, her hand poised in front of her indicating that she had been getting ready to knock on the door.

“Hey!” Tylor exclaimed. “I’m glad you’re here, come on in.”

“Thanks,” Sammy said with a smile. “I wasn’t sure if you remembered that I would be coming over.” She stepped inside and Tylor closed the door behind her. Sammy shrugged out of her long black sweater and slipped off her boots. “It was kinda chilly outside,” she said. “It’s much better in here.” With her sweater and boots off Tylor could see that she was wearing a light blue tank top, along with a pair of darker blue jeans and white socks.

“So, what did you want to do?” Tylor asked. “I made us some lunch, I figured you probably wouldn’t eat before coming over here.”

Sammy laughed. “You thought right. What did you make?”

“Just some sandwiches,” said Tylor.

The two went into the kitchen. Sammy sat down on a barstool while Tylor grabbed the sandwiches, a bag of chips, and two sodas. He sat down next to her with the food and the two ate lunch, chatting about school and their friends.

“OK,” Tylor said when they had finished eating. “Did you want to go down to the basement and watch a movie?”

“Alright,” said Sammy. The two got up and left the kitchen, walking down the stairs to the basement. The room was about thirty feet long and and fifteen feet wide, with light gray walls. On one end of the room was a couch, two chairs, a small table, and a television on top of a bookcase filled with movies. On the other side of the room was some exercise equipment, including a treadmill, a rack full of weights, and a bar hanging from the ceiling. The side of the room with the television had a large square rug underneath all of the furniture, while the end with the exercise equipment had a couple mats covering a few areas on the cold concrete floor.

Tylor and Sammy went over to the bookcase to look at the large collection of movies.

“How about this one?” Sammy asked.

“Sure,” said Tylor.

Though it was a movie they had both seen many times before, it was a good one and one that they both greatly enjoyed. Sammy went to sit down on the couch while Tylor slipped the movie into the DVD player. He plopped down on the couch next to his girlfriend and pushed some buttons on the remote. The movie began to play.

For a few minutes Tylor and Sammy sat quietly on the couch, watching as the movie jumped right into the main characters’ conflict. In the middle of an action scene that was due to last a good twenty minutes, Sammy turned to stare at Tylor’s exercise equipment on the other end of the room.

“What’s up?” Tylor asked, turning to look at the other side of the room.

“Did you get anything new over there?” Sammy asked. “It looks different.”

Tylor stared for a moment before comprehension dawned. “Oh yeah, I got that bar put up just a little while ago,” he said, gesturing to the long metal pull-up bar that was secured to the ceiling.

“And you use it?” Sammy asked.

“Yeah,” Tylor replied. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Hmmmm...” said Sammy as she stared up at the bar. “Let me give it a try.”

Tylor and Sammy abandoned the movie and walked over to the other side of the room. Tylor stood to the side while Sammy reached up and pulled herself up onto the pull-up bar. She did two pull-ups before she dropped back down to the ground, shaking her arms.

“Whew!” she said. “That’s hard.”

Tylor smirked.

Sammy glared at him. “What, you can do better?”

Without saying a word Tylor reached up and grabbed onto the bar. He did four pull-ups before dropping back down to the ground. Sammy glared at him.

“So what,” she said. “I could do that if I wanted to.”

Sammy reached up to the bar and pulled herself up again. She did four pull-ups before dropping back down to the ground. She looked triumphant.

“Ok,” Tylor said, aware that they were both being very competitive. “Well, how long can you hang off of the bar for?”

“What?” Sammy asked. “Just hang off of it?”

“Yeah,” Tylor said.

“Well, how long can you do it for?” Sammy questioned.

“About five minutes,” replied Tylor.

“Alright,” Sammy said as she looked up at the bar. “I can hang off of it for five minutes.”

“Hang on,” Tylor said. “I’ll get my timer.” Tylor crossed the room and grabbed his cell phone, which he had left on the couch. He pulled open the stopwatch and got ready to time how long Sammy could hang onto the bar.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Ready,” Sammy replied. “I won’t let go for the next five minutes!”

Tylor started his timer. Sammy jumped up and grabbed the bar. The bar was set high, and Sammy was only 5'7" - shorter than Tylor's 6" frame - meaning that she hung almost a foot off of the ground. With Sammy’s arms above her head Tylor could see his girlfriend’s bare armpits. Her tank top had also risen slightly to reveal a few inches of her flat stomach. Suddenly Tylor had an idea, and he grinned. He looked down at the stopwatch; it had only been forty-five seconds.

Sammy was staring up at the ceiling and didn’t notice Tylor moving closer to her. Tylor quickly poked her left armpit. Sammy glanced down at him.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

“What?” asked Tylor. “Is something wrong?”

She stared at him suspiciously for a moment before muttering, “Nothing.” A second later Tylor went behind her and poked both of her armpits at the same time. Sammy giggled and Tylor grinned. Although his girlfriend was rather indifferent about tickling, neither liking nor disliking it, she was quite ticklish on a few certain places - her underarms and her sides. Tylor wiggled his fingers over Sammy’s armpits.

“H-hey!” she cried again, still giggling. “You cahahan’t do that!”

“Why not?” Tylor asked.

“It’s cheeheheheheeating!” Sammy giggled. She squirmed a little, wiggling back and forth. She was too stubborn to let go of the bar though, and Tylor smiled widely. He moved around so that he was in front of his girlfriend and began to rapidly tickle her sides. Sammy threw back her head and laughed. “Hahahahahaha, ahahahahaha, hahahahaha!”

“No it isn’t,” Tylor said happily. “The only rule was that you had to hold onto the bar for five minutes without letting go. You never said I couldn’t tickle you.”

Sammy’s arms were shaking as she tried to keep her hold on the bar despite the tickle torture her underarms and sides were receiving. “Noo, stahahahaha, pleehehehehehehe-” she cried, laughing loudly. Tylor could see that Sammy desperately wanted to let go of the bar to protect her vulnerable ticklish areas, but that she was also competitive enough that she wanted to prove that she could hang onto the bar for five minutes.

Tylor tickled Sammy’s side with one hand and began to tickle one of her armpits again with the other. She shook with laughter, but refused to let go of the bar. “Nahahahaha, Tylor plehehehehehe, ahahahahaha! That tickles, ahahahahahaha, staahahahahahaha-” Just as Sammy’s hands were beginning to slip from the metal bar, the two heard a loud beeping sound. Tylor’s stopwatch was going off, indicating that Sammy had been holding onto the bar for five full minutes.

With a relieved sigh Sammy dropped down to the ground and pulled her tank top down over her stomach. She poked Tylor’s side. “What was that for, mister!?” she exclaimed with a smile. “That was totally an attempt to sabotage me. If I had fallen off I would have gotten a redo.”

“Nice job,” Tylor laughed. “I didn’t think you’d be able to stay on.”

Tylor and Sammy grinned at each other before settling back on the couch to finish the movie.
This was a point commission for :icontylorishadeviant:; thanks for the commission!

(***this is a work of fiction***)
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I love it :D thank you! 
Moriona-Broazic Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No prob, glad you like it!
I expected her to get tickled on the weight bench after getting tied onto it. I was pleasantly surprised by how cute of a story this was. I really enjoyed it, great job.
Moriona-Broazic Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you liked it. :) Yeah, titles aren't my thing...
I liked the title. I love the story.
Moriona-Broazic Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome, thanks! :)
I reall wish I could commission. You are really great at this. You're welcome.
when i saw the title i thought it was going to involve weights/tricked tied and stuff... but this story was a nice read c:

although careful with too much description...  focus on what the readers wanna see and not on one thing for too long
Moriona-Broazic Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I feel it's a bit harder with commissions because I'm trying to gear it towards one reader rather than all.
aaahhhh that does make sense... then do exactly that while inducing your own likes into the pie... since this is a personalized story then feel free to give into the commissioner's demands ^^
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